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SERA, aka the Welsh spelling of 'Sarah' was me telling the world I was here and making music (so bold was I that I wrote it all in upper case!) from around 2014 I released music under this name, mostly with a group of musicians who also played live with me. 2 albums, 1 release album and 2 EPs and countless experiences. Folk-pop/Americana that told stories. 

You can listen on SPOTIFY to all the releases or buy an actual CD from BANDCAMP



Jenn Morris is a beautiful violinist and singer. I've known her for over ten years and we've played many a gig together in a band but also just the two of us. We wrote a few folk tunes together before kids came along and called ourselves 'Blodyn' (Flower) and then we stopped playing together for a number of years. We've recently started playing the tunes again and writing new ones. We aim to record them this year.

Here's an old clip of me and Jenn (with Dei Elfryn) playing together on YOUTUBE



One of the highlights of the last couple of years for me was the formation of Tapestri. A shared love of Americana music and needing a new project to sink our teeth into. We released one album in 2023.

Tapestri was formed after Lowri Evans and I met at Festival Interceltique de Lorient in the summer of 2019 while we were both performing as solo artists at the Welsh Pavilion.

We so wanted to form a bilingual female-fronted band, and that's what we did. Focus Wales, Between the Trees, Sesiwn Fawr Dolgellau, Noson Lawen,  Global Music Match, the main stage at Cambridge Folk Festival and Settlers Pass at Greenman. Playlisted and gaining a growing following, we sadly parted ways in May 2023. 



Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise / Sarah Louise Owen. My first few releases and finding my voice.


Eve & Sera

Having been selected for BBC Horizons Artist development in 2019 along with my label (CEG Records) pal Eve Goodman, we decided to spend a day together, songwriting. This quickly tunred into a Welsh language folk project inspired by 'Spellsongs,' revisiting Welsh words found in nature. 4 years on 10 songs written,  we've finally decided to go into the studio and record the album. Can't wait to share it later in 2024. It's quite beautiful.

LISTEN to 'Gaeafgwsg' (Hibernation)


High Grade Grooves

Electronic Collaborations with ENDAF's label High Grade Grooves. Lending my voice, lyrics and melody lines to some fabulous producers

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