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I've been releasing music in Welsh and in English for nearly 20 years. These have been on small labels or self-releases, each time leaning towards either folk, pop or Americana or a bit of each. And in between and alongside that intense world of the indie singer-songwriter, the financial and mental pressure, the massive joys and adventures, I've dabbled and delved into many strands and offshoots of life as a musician to earn a living doing things I love: Community arts, festival work, newspaper columns, schools, workshops, events and running labels, projects and schemes that I hoped might change the world a little. TV researcher, short film maker, translator. I've also made coffee, folded clothes and fried some chips before going fully freelance in 2012. Gigs and tours, Six solo albums, several EPs and a couple of collaborative releases later and here I am. A mum, a women technically in her middle age, wondering what's next. On this website I aim to share my creativity in whatever shape it forms. I hope I can connect with others in a positive way, start and contribute to meaningful conversations and let go a little. Or a lot. 

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