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Croeso / Welcome

I am Sarah Zyborska. Living and working bilingually on Ynys Mon (Anglesey) in the very North of beautiful Cymru (Wales).


Thank you for visiting my page! Here I will introduce you to my work as a musician as well as my creative projects.

I would love to talk to you about any aspect of my work and I'm always open to new ideas, collaboration or simply connecting with fellow creatives over a panad (cup of tea) or gwin (wine)

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Filming a music video today for the next

Sarah Zyborska is a bilingual singer-songwriter with many strings to her bow. A solo artist (SERA) who also collaborates in various other outfits (Eve & Sera, Tapestri) has a Masters degree in screenwriting, has a production company (SdoRi) with her husband, is co-founder of non-profit music company CEG, works in the community in various music projects with young people and people with diverse needs. She develops and manages music projects, especially focused on mentoring young women. She also freelances across creative media with festivals, production companies and more. 

"all my projects and interests cross over and enrich every part of my career. If 2020/21 taught me anything it's to embrace all these parts, cherish your collaborations and value your work. You never know when it might all stop. This site will now, as well as highlight my solo music, navigate all my other projects which you may find of interest! Thank you for reading this far...."

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Tapestri - with Lowri Evans


One of the highlights of the last couple of years for me has been the formation of Tapestri. A meeting of minds and a shared love of Americana.







Eve & Sera

Having been selected for BBC Horizons in 2019 along with my label pal Eve Goodman, we decided to work together on our Welsh language folk project inspired by 'Spellsongs' - revisiting Welsh words found in nature. 


















Production company with my husband, camera operator and drone pilot Rob Zyborski 

Canfod y Gân

Community music project with adult with additional needs

CEG Music

Co-founder of this community music events company, with particular focus on releases via CEG RECORDS and live steaming and sessions via CEG TV

Yn y Golau

Initiative that focuses on mentoring young people in music.

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